5 Keys of Business Success

Starting a new business can be exciting but a little scary. That's why Our Success Group is committed to providing resources that empower business owners to achieve their idea of success. These 5 keys are programs to speed you along and help you through the rough patches with a good foundation. You’ve hung out your sign (in some cases virtually) and opened your business. Now what? You see businesses growing and flourishing and you want that for your business too. We can help you get there.

This experience includes over 5 hours of training videos, with 25 specific detailed modules. There are 5 distinct keys with 26 homework assignments to help you take action and put this training to work in your business. You will gain confidence to grow and launch your business with guardrails to steer you away from catastrophe. All this with email support with less than 24 hour response times from a certified Success Principles Coach.

Money Back Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee. As long as you can show us you did the work (turned in all of the homework) and are still not satisfied, we will give you 100% of your money back up to 12 months after purchase.

Keys to Launching or Growing Your Business

These 5 topics will give you the basics that you need to succeed and propel your business forward. The foundation that all succcessful businesses rely on!

  • Determining Your Overhead

    You have to know what you are spending to be able to set your goals for success. What does it cost to be in business each day, and how can you pay yourself and plan for the future.

  • Pricing Products for Profit

    With your overhead in hand you have a great start, but then how do you figure your true costs and price your products for profit?

  • Workflow and Organization

    The jobs are now in and you need to make some happy customers. How do you do that in an efficient and profitable manner that is repeatable?

  • Delivery and Follow-up

    The job is done and paid, so now what. Just throw it in a box and say "here"? No way, learn about upselling, and providing a great customer experience.

  • Marketing Overview

    So you got a few orders from family and friends, but now you really want some business. What is your marketing strategy to attract new customers? Learn the basics and get an overview of what marketing is all about.

You both have been such a great help. I have been in such a spot not knowing where to go with my business. You have given such great info to help get my drive back. I hope I can stay on track and look forward to putting all this info to work. :-)

The 5 Success Keys training has been invaluable to me. I have taken other business classes, but learning from those experienced in the same type of business that I'm in has been amazing. 



Keys to Planning for Business Success

These 5 keys will give you the foundation to make better decisions and a framework to build the business you want to reach your idea of success. 

  • Determining Your Why

    Your connection point for your potential customers, your tool to find the right staff and your reason to press ahead.

  • Connecting the People

    People are the most important part of any business. Clearly defining them and connecting them to the business is of massive importance.

  • Goals, Objectives and Milestones

    You have to set your aim and make it clear. You must get clear on your goals, visualize the goal, set the objectives you need to meet and figure out the milestones, letting you know you're on track.

If you are ready for more and can't wait until 2022, look at becoming a member. 5 Keys are included with all memberships, and for only $99 per month, you can access all our past training, live upcoming training and a private members' group to push your business to success.

  • Marketing Planning

    People want to jump right into posting on social and sending emails. First, you need to focus in on the customers you need for success. Get your brand and personality clear before you dive in.

  • Forecasting and Budgets

    Forecasts and budgets are not just for bean counters. They are a measuring stick and tool you will use to keep you on track. 

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Aaron Montgomery

Aaron Montgomery is certified by New York Times best-selling author Jack Canfield as a Success Principles Trainer. Aaron has over 25 years of experience with personalized products and small business development. You can find Aaron co-hosting the decorator’s industry oldest and most listened to Podcast – 2 Regular Guys Podcast. You can also check him out on his own Podcast Channel called Small Business Saturdays.

Todd Downing

Todd Downing is a self-made inspirational leader in the industry.  Starting with a simple vinyl decal business in 2007, his business has grown to include eco solvent printing, spangled transfers, and team sales.  He is also an online community mentor that strives to help others see how to move their businesses forward in a realistic fashion.